Helix Live – Day 3

Profiting from technology in the North ...

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Day 3: Thurs 5th Nov - Helix: Profiting from technology in the North

  • Helix: the concept – Stuart Hill (Head of Technology & Innovation, Hutchinsons)
  • Farming in the North – profitability and environmental sustainability – knowing the true costs of production – Nick Wilson – Farmer (Marton Cum Grafton, York)
  • The importance of technology and interpreting information – Sam Hugill (Agronomist)
  • Utilising technology to improve soil and longer-term benefits for the farm business – Dick Neale (Technical Manager, Hutchinsons)

Helix Live is a series of online seminars to discuss how pioneering technology is being evaluated on farm and ultimately how growers are seeing benefits to their bottom line.

These seminars demonstrate how growers are successfully working together with their agronomists to achieve greater financial and environmental sustainability for their businesses.

  • Why growers are involved and the value for their business
  • The benefits achieved from farm scale use of technology
  • How growers successfully work with their agronomists to achieve greater financial and environmental sustainability
  • Specific areas of technology development and their potential value to the farm
  • Plus, opportunity to ask questions

BASIS and NRoSO CPD points applied for.


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  • Online consultation with a soil specialist to help interpret data

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