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Trial Site Open Days 2021

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Helix Demonstration Farms

Technologies supporting on farm decision making including:

  • Net zero, carbon and TerraMap
  • Pest and disease risk management
  • Yield prediction, targeted agronomy and optimising inputs
  • Integrated Crop Management

Helix National Technology Experience – Northamptonshire – Tuesday 13th July


Bringing the greatest insights from Helix to you - Helix Live!

Helix Live was a series of online seminars to discuss how pioneering technology is being evaluated on farm and ultimately how growers are seeing benefits to their bottom line.

These seminars demonstrated how growers are successfully working together with their agronomists to achieve greater financial and environmental sustainability for their businesses.

  • Why growers are involved and the value for their business
  • The benefits achieved from farm scale use of technology
  • How growers successfully work with their agronomists to achieve greater financial and environmental sustainability
  • Specific areas of technology development and their potential value to the farm

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