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What is Helix?

Bringing future farming technologies and advice together, at farm scale, across the nation...


In-Field Technologies - Smart Drills

Varying seed and fertiliser application across a field to help even up emergence and optimise crop yields ...


Optimising Output

Developing technology to improve economic output from a farm and field-scale basis...


What is Helix?

The Helix project aligns new and old technologies, evolving and developing them to improve crop management decisions.
Find out more about the projects we're currently working on...


Linking technology, knowledge and advice to deliver sustainable farming

We're using farm-scale trials to determine the future of agronomy, testing out which technologies and techniques provide the greatest benefits to growers...


Technology Showcase

New technologies fully described, together with an explanation of how they work, the farmer/agronomist benefits and links to further reading and video references.

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Helix Farm

As a central hub for Helix, the Helix Technology Development Farm provides the opportunity to trial and demonstrate the latest innovations and technologies at farm scale to determine their real-world benefits...


Helix Projects

Below are links to some of the project areas we are currently focused on, though we are also involved in a number of other long term projects and collaborative research.

Predict & Justify

Reviewing risk analysis and prediction of pests, disease, crop growth and lodging risk – looking to determine the real-world benefits of accurate crop growth monitoring...


Simplifying nutrition decision making by enabling live analysis, alongside developing knowledge and trialling the latest and most innovative soil analysis technologies...

Optimising Outputs

Looking at how technology can be used to improve economic output from a farm and field-scale basis...


With new breeding techniques on the horizon there is a need to understand how to develop them to maximise their benefit on your farm...


As the environment and biodiversity become ever more important to policy decision making, we are testing how growers will be able to deliver this within an integrated farming system...

Technology Showcase


Find insights into the latest technologies and methodologies to improve crop nutrition

In Field Technologies

Find details on the innovative technologies working in the field and what they have to offer

Big Data

Discover the technologies we’re looking at to use data to enhance on-farm decision making

Soil Health and Biology

Discover the technologies with the potential to enhance soil health and biology


Discover the technologies pioneering prediction in agriculture and their potential benefits

Remote Sensing

Find out about the technologies offering the most advanced remote sensing and their role on farm

Plant Breeding and Genetics

The latest innovations in plant breeding and genetics and how they could benefit farming


Learn more about the innovative technologies we’re looking at that are based on insights from nature

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