Optimising Nutrition

A future of more seamless, live soil and plant nutrition information

The Future of Nutrition

Nutrition and matching plant and soil health will be an integral part of what we deliver in future

This project aims to investigate best practice alongside developing tools to support our approach. Soil and tissue testing are challenging and time-consuming processes. The nutrition project aims to simplify the decision-making process by enabling more live analysis, alongside developing knowledge.

Project Nutrition - Video Updates

Rob Jewers examines why a patch of stunted growth has appeared across both conventional and hybrid wheat, diagnosing the cause as a pH issue in the soil and discussing the effects of pH on nutrient use efficiency…

Rob Jewers shares insights into understanding nitrogen use efficiency and measuring soil nitrogen…

Rob Jewers outlines how Helix are examining nutrients in both the soil and the crop…

Helix Nutrition Project

What will I see?

New technology to analyse soils for major and minor nutrients in a non-invasive, consistent approach – TerraMap.

Developing use of plant monitoring tools to deliver in-season assessment of plant requirements.

What’s the benefit to me as a grower?

Accurate and bespoke targeting of advice and nutrition ensured through rapid and broad non-invasive soil testing aligned to precision practices.

Ultimately achieving greater input efficiency and higher average field output.

Using a hand held leaf nitrogen measurement tool in a growing crop, enabling quick and easy readings to be taken to establish its exact nitrogen status.

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