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Printed Helix Content

The intrinsic relationship between carbon and soils, two new Helix Farms, Environmental Q&A, maize trial insights and more…

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A nutrition special filled with tips on reacting to record fertiliser prices.

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Turning data into profit

Key points from Helix Live 2021 – a webinar that discussed outcomes from the Helix Project over the last year.

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Helix network expands to include the very first Agroecology Farm…

Details on the new Helix Agroecology Farm, plus the Helix Live webinar is returning this Autumn.

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The real value of carbon…

Discover TerraMap Carbon in August 2021 Fieldwise, the UK’s first ever soil mapping service capable of mapping both active and organic carbon in the soil. Andrew Pitts, host farmer of the Helix National Farm, details what he plans to do with his carbon measurements.

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Technology, the power is in your hands…

The July 2021 Fieldwise describes how the Helix project continues to lead the industry in the development and validation of technology tools that support decision making on farm, and help growers to adapt and evolve a long-term sustainable business alongside their agronomist.

Looking at yield maps, climate data, rotational planning and ICM.

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Adding value to your farm: Sharing knowledge in 2021

The April 2021 Fieldwise looks at opportunities for knowledge transfer this year at our Helix national development farm and emerging Helix regional farms.

There are five focus areas: data and sustainability, improving soils, optimising nutrition, genetic benefits, and integrated crop management (which encompasses climate and environment).

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Helix Live: sharing groundbreaking research and opinion.

The December 2020 Fieldwise details the Helix Live virtual seminars in November – sharing the groundbreaking research and opinion discussed. Including a summary of the three Helix Project Farms.

The issue also looks at lessons from cover cropping, with insights from the cover crops on farm-scale trial at the Helix East and Helix North Farms.

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The Helix Farm network expands.

The October 2020 Fieldwise introduces Helix East, the first Helix regional centre, hosted by Tom Jewers near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Taking a closer look at the sites’ focus areas, with improving farm performance and therefore profitability the core focus.

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Farm sustainability and technology.

The August 2020 Fieldwise reviews the main aims and progress Helix has made so far, to support grower sustainability.

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Helix and Hutchinsons: Regional Technology Centres.

The May 2020 Fieldwise announces Fieldwise LIVE – the online hub for updates from the Helix sites and Regional Technology Centres.

Also introducing the Regional Helix site: Helix East demonstration farm, courtesy of G D Jewers, Rattlesden in Suffolk.

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Helix case study: Healthier soils pay dividends in wet conditions.

The March Extra 2020 Fieldwise looks at the National Helix Farm’s soil health in an especially wet season, with tips for optimising crop potential.

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Putting farm business sustainability to the test.

The September 2019 Fieldwise looks at how utilising new technologies and Integrated Farm Management alongside existing knowledge is integral to farmer’s future success.

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Helix Farm: Maximising pollinator resources at whole farm scale.

PhD student Sarah Barnsley explains her research on increasing pollinator  in July 2019 Fieldwise.

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Insight into the Prediction & Monitoring project.

The May 2019 Fieldwise previews one of the innovative projects planned for the Helix Farm – monitoring and predicting climate, pests and disease.

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Combining technology and agronomy to improve profitability.

April 2019 Fieldwise take a closer look at the Helix Farm and the areas under scrutiny to improve farm profitability.

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Introducing Project Helix!

A first look at the unique Project Helix in the March 2019 Fieldwise.

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Helix Live Webinar Recordings

Helix Live was a series of online seminars to discuss how pioneering technology is being evaluated on farm and ultimately how growers are seeing benefits to their bottom line.

These seminars demonstrated how growers are successfully working together with their agronomists to achieve greater financial and environmental sustainability for their businesses.

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