Big Data

AHDB Variety Selection Tool

Guiding selection of the most relevant varieties, specific to the farm

The technology

Complex recommended list information has been developed into an interactive digital tool, driven by agronomic merit. This weights factors such as disease susceptibility and standing ability, allowing growers to prioritise the relative importance of resistance to individual crop pathogens and lodging on their farm. Based on accumulated 5-year AHDB trials data, the tool guides selection of the most relevant varieties for specific farms.

How it works

Regional locations and agronomic factors such as crop rotational position, sowing date and soil type are input and single variety or multiple varieties selected for analysis. Data is displayed as yield vs agronomic merit scatter graphs, with the level of variation referenced. Each variety selected then shows summarised results for yield data and consistency to help guide choice.


Farmer / Agronomist Benefits

Allows easy scrutiny of RL data of relevance to specific farms and fields for effective variety planning for yield optimisation. Understanding disease resistance gives a guide to the economics of growing the variety, and when combined with other factors supports design of effective crop protection programmes helping to reduce inputs and costs.

Key Researchers / Stakeholders


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