Maximising the benefits of new breeding techniques on-farm

Maximising Benefits

With new breeding techniques, there is a need to understand how to develop them and bespoke programmes, to maximise their benefit on farm.

As a part of Integrated Crop Management, trait choices will not only be made based on output.

With the narrowing range of chemistry in some areas, new genetic traits will play a key part in future pest and disease management programmes.

Project Traits Update

Stuart Hill discusses the key findings from hybrid wheat trials and shares details on what is being examined this year...

Helix Traits Project

What will I see?

Examples of current trait technology and our approach to their development and commercialisation.

Gain insights from our trials, with explanations of what management changes were needed to be made to get the most value from new traits, and why.


What’s the benefit to me as a grower?

  • Utilising trait pest management to optimise output
  • Greater efficiency and more consistent output on more difficult soil types
  • Managing biomass differences for greater output.

Hybrid wheat varieties are being evaluated for future use in successful Integrated Crop Management.

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