Soil Health & Biology

Carbon Farming

Healthier and more productive soils requiring fewer inputs and interventions

The Technology

Carbon-sequestration techniques on-farm which improve soil quality and biodiversity at the same time as fixing atmospheric CO2 in soils.

How it works

Carbon farming aims to sequestrate carbon in the soil, which can be achieved by small soil health improving adjustments at farm level – like applying carbon rich fertilizers, reduced or no-tillage, planting cover crops, crop residue management, type and rate of fertiliser.


Farmer / Agronomist benefit

Healthier and more productive soils requiring fewer inputs and interventions, with better ROI. Chain companies can advertise their use of carbon farming on product packaging which adds value to the growers offer. Companies outside of the food chain can buy carbon farming certificates to offset their own emissions. Planting woodland on less productive land areas can help farm businesses boost their income. Government subsidies to adopt many c-sequestering approaches are likely.


Key Researchers/Stakeholders


Rothamsted Research

Farm Carbon Toolkit


Cool Farm Tool Alliance

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