Plant Breeding & Genetics

Seed Treatment Based Technology

The Technology

Seed coatings are gaining attention as efficient delivery systems for plant beneficial microbes (PBM) such as plant growth promoting bacteria, rhizobia, AMF (arbuscular mychorrizal fungi), Bacilli and Trichoderma – all known to increase plant yield, nutrition and tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress.

Some of these bacteria become symbiotic within the plant, while others  are claimed to release root bound phosphate on the soil which indirectly expands root volume for increased moisture, N & K uptake.

Seed dressings with AMF stimulants are claimed to attract mycorrhiza, known to significantly benefit plant health.  Biostimulant seed treatments based on oligosaccharide seaweed filtrates are also available for brassicas claimed to improve germination speed, increase root biomass and help buffer drought tolerance (UPL). Combination products are being developed by Bayer Group, Syngenta and BASF, featuring SDHIs and/or older chemistry and biostimulants. Bayer’s latest UK OSR seed treatment for OSR contains flupicolide, fluoxastrobin and a PBM.

How it Works

New biological-based elements of seed treatments are facilitated due to new film polymer technology.  The trend is towards combination fungicide and biostimulant/PBM combinations.

Farmer / Agronomist Benefits

A broader range of choices for securing optimum germination and establishment.

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