LFD In-field Test for Blackgrass Resistance

The Technology

An on farm detection test for Non-Target Site Resistance (NTSR) black grass. Generating data within minutes it enables growers to quickly map NTSR black grass in field populations, to support precision herbicide management decisions.

How it Works

A lateral flow device (LFD) is a diagnostic device, similar to a pregnancy test, used to confirm the presence or absence of biomarkers. A protein known as glutathione transferase (AmGSTF1) is present at high levels in NTSR populations of black grass. Blackgrass leaves are macerated in a tube with a ball bearing, and drops placed on the LFD. Within 3 minutes, a coloured band denotes NTSR.

Farmer and Agronomist Benefits

As a first step for planning effective grass-weed control, mapping NTSR blackgrass populations across the farm allows immediate adjustments to herbicide and rotational control strategies.

Key Researchers and Stakeholders

Newcastle University



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