Remote Sensing

Blackgrass Mapping

Automated black-grass mapping using high speed drone-mounted sensors

The Technology

Automated black-grass mapping using high speed drone-mounted sensors, combined with supervised machine learning to map the presence and severity of weed populations. Using GPS systems, these data can then be used to inform targeted within crop glyphosate application to reduce seed return, and/or assess the efficacy of herbicide treatments.

How it Works

A high-resolution drone-mounted multispectral sensor discriminating black grass reflectance signatures, is linked to algorithms which process field data in minutes to produce weed maps.

Farmer / Agronomists Benefits

Since weed patches in a given year are predictors of future occurrence, they can be used to guide precision herbicide applications and timing in and between growing seasons to ensure optimum performance as chemical efficacy of key blackgrass herbicides declines.

Key Researchers / Stakeholders

Hummingbird Technologies

Drone Ag.


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