Remote Sensing

Desiccation Planning

What is the Technology

Sensors are being developed that can detect a senescenced crop to produce a desiccation zoning map for cereals and oilseeds. See example in pic below. There are also tools to map canopy cover in potato crops as well as estimating marketable yield and tuber size development. This will aid desiccation management decisions in potatoes too.

How does it Work

It is using imagery data combined with machine learning. As the spatial resolution of satellites and cloud-penetrating technology improves, it will make data from these types of technology more reliable in the future.

What are the Benefits to a Farmer / Agronomist

Optimise desiccation timing and enable targeting of fields with un-even maturity. Allow reduction of chemicals which are already in danger of being revoked.


Who are the key researchers in this area?




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